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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kyle Has a Leg Up on the Competition

Reality Tea/Tlfan

Kyle Richards and husband, Mauricio Umanksy sandwiched Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg at the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Sacramento Kings game at the Staples Center, Friday, January 28.  Kyle and Nicky wore matching red Chanel bags.

The last time Kyle attended the Kings vs. Lakers game, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was on Kings' owner, Adrienne Maloof's dime.  But that didn't stop her from cheering on the purple and gold.  This time she was able to let loose and cheer the home team on without reservation.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bethenny's Going Going Back Back to Cali, Cali


Zimbio/Reality Tea

Bethenny and her clan traveled to LA from New York on Saturday, November 27 ahead of her Skating the Stars gig.  When Bethenny travels she brings everyone with her- husband Jason, dog Cookie, baby Bryn, and assistant Julie were all in tow.

Saturday, December 3, Mr. and Mrs. Frankel Hoppy were back in LA as Bethenny survived the first round of Skating eliminations.  The hoppy family strolled through Beverly Hills, lunching at The Farm (one of our favorite restaurants) on Beverly Drive, and shopping at Toms Toys.

Bethenny and Jason seem to be enjoying our Los Angeles weather as Jason is jacket-less and Bethenny is in a light sweater and boots.

The previous day, Friday, December 2, Bethenny and Jason attended the Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.  We bet Adrienne Maloof was also there courtside.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Many Celebrities May Be Rich But Beverly Hills Housewives Have Extreme Wealth

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 1: Episode 1: "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wealthiness"

Opening line: In Beverly Hills, it's who you know, and I know everyone

The first week of this brand new series was largely about introductions. And what an introduction these people made.

Lisa is one of our favorites.  She's so L.A. with the little dog, Jiggy.  Jiggy has his own cabana/house by the pool that's nicer than things humans sit on at other pool areas.  Jiggy is only one of many dogs Lisa bought in an attempt to fill up her empty mansion nest since her children all moved out.  

Lisa and her husband could buy 1,000 dogs and it still wouldn't be enough to fill up her beautiful home that might have it's own zip code.  Not a problem because Lisa and her husband have a house guest who came with them from overseas and has no plans on leaving.  He worked for Lisa and her husband Ken when they lived abroad.  If you could live that lavishly for free, would you?  Ken says, "I just hope he really is gay because he spends a lot of time with my wife."  

Lisa describes her home as a "fantasy land" and adds "you can literally live here and not go anywhere else.  Lisa has told her husband he can have sex with her on Christmas and his birthday.  

Opening line: Money is what I have not who I am

Adrienne is part of the Maloof money.  If you don't know the Maloof name, they own the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, among other things.  Her husband, Paul Nassif is a plastic surgeon and isn't part of her family business.  How smart of her to keep everything separate.  He clearly can do his own thing in medicine.

Adrienne is a democrat and Paul is a republican.  They have a disagreement over whether Paul should go with Adrienne to a democratic event.  He declines.  He's lucky Adrienne didn't put any of her kickboxing moves on him, because she body slammed a couple kids showing them her strength.

Adrienne invited the 'wives to her team's final game, which just so happened to be against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Adrienne chartered a private jet to whisk the 'wives off from the lap of luxury, in the lap of luxury, to more laps of luxury.

Opening Line: It's time for me to come out of my husband's shadow and shine

Camille Grammer used to dance for Club MTV.  She still dances today when she's not playing Kelsey Grammer's arm candy.

Camille reveals that she has four nannies for two kids and they rotate.  Somehow this is so less annoying than Alexis Bellino and her gaggle of nannies.  We don't know why, but we think it's because Camille knows it puts her up for judgment but in her mind she needs them and she still spends time with her kids.  Being the wife of Kelsey Grammer can't be easy so we imagine extra help is needed.  Perhaps Camille is way more tolerable than other 'wives, because she is reluctant to flaunt her wealth in all of us plebeians' faces.  "God this is going to sound so annoying.  Kelsey and I used to fly private for years," Camille reluctantly said.  After Bravo probably coaxed her into saying it, Camille quickly said they're flying commercial more often to do their part to be green.

If  that's not enough, Camille says she's much more than trophy wife, she's "the powerhouse behind Kelsey Grammer."  Camille is on a quest to be more independent and with her attitude and her role on Housewives, we expect she's going to get there soon.

Especially considering the fact that there home is like their own "private retreat, 17 acres total" with a pond, pool, tennis court and they used to have horses.

Kelsey was off to shoot a movie somewhere that required him to be gone for a year without returning home.  Although Camille kissed Kelsey goodbye, the fact that neither Kelsey nor Camille seemed to plan to visit the other throughout the year seems to be the first indication that the marriage is in trouble.  After all, they could use some of their 17 acres money to charter a plan to each other every weekend.  If not, they could borrow Adrienne Maloof's.  As for Kelsey, we love that he's such a big actor that he doesn't have the fears that many wannabe's have thinking that reality shows with taint their career.

Later in the show, Camille reveals that she had a surrogate carry her two children.  Even the frozen Beverly Hills faces managed to raise their eyebrows at that one.

Opening line: It may look like I have it all, but I want more

Adrienne took Taylor to her husband, Paul, for some nipping and tucking.  Taylor is freaked that her husband might leave her a younger woman.  We're not sure why considering that she said she married 80% for business and 20% for pleasure.  Business doesn't run cold as quick as romances.   Does this make her a GD?  What about a trophy wife?  You be the judge...

Taylor received injections that made her face look pregnant with eight eggs in her face.  Adrienne became scared since her husband has only performed this a couple times before, but he reassured Adrienne and the world, that these mega warts were normal.

After the procedure, Taylor's husband, Russell, says 'oh by the way I gave a $10 million investment' to someone.   Yes, extreme wealth.

Opening line: I was a child star, but now my most important role is being a mother

If Lisa, Camille and Taylor are of extreme wealth, Kim Richards is probably rich.  Her house looks like the smallest of the bunch.  However, Kim is in the process of moving to buy a bigger house to accommodate her growing children.

Kim was a child star but retired to be a mom.  Her divorce waxed her dry, therefore she's not the women above, but she still probably has more than all of us.  If she doesn't her sister Kathy Hilton absolutely does which makes Kim extremely wealthy be default/association.

Kyle is trying to get Kim away from her obsession with being a mom 24/7 and to meet some of her girlfriends.  So she convinces Kim to go on the Sacramento trip with Kyle and the 'wives.  

Opening Line:  In a town full of phonies, I'm not afraid to be me

Kyle Richards was also a child actor like her sister Kim, and still dabbles in it today.  She was in the movie, Halloween, and was interviewed about her role in the classic film.

Kyle's husband is in real estate and moves multi-multi million dollar homes.  Kyle's home is not Lisa or Camille's, but it holds it's own.  Suffice it to say it would probably be the most expensive home on most of the other Housewives series.

For our first group event, Adrienne has chartered the private plane and the ladies are off to Sacramento for a basketball game.  The best line came courtesy of Lisa's husband, Ken, whom we also love.  When Lisa fret about what she would do with Jiggy while they went to the game, her husband asked, "Doesn't Adrienne or her family own the team? Surely they have an assistant up there that can look after them. "  Ah, the minds of rich people.  Common people would just chalk it up and leave Jiggy at home.  The extremely wealthy knows there's always someone to do something for you.

Kyle is afraid of private planes and freaks out during the flight.  Once she touches down only to be treated like royalty by the entire Kings staff because she's with the owner, Adrienne, Kyle perks up.  

Before the game, the ladies had dinner.  Kim was silent throughout and didn't feel like she fit in with the group.

At the game, Kyle left her anti-social sister, Kim, at the end of the row with no one but Taylor next to her.  Taylor and Kim had tension between the two of them for some reason so Kim had a terrible time.  We're being told Taylor and Kim will be a source of friction throughout the season.  Meanwhile, Adrienne posed with members of her team and the Lakers, standing at about 1/4 the size of the players, to whom she happens to be boss.

Kyle had the audacity to root for the Lakers while sitting in the Sacramento Kings' owners' seats.  She had to catch herself a couple times to remember the hand that fed her.  Still, Adrienne probably should've chose a different game to invite the girls one where a Los Angeles team was not playing.  No one would be rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks.  However, the Sacramento-LA game was the last of the season, so we guess she had no choice.

This season looks as good as it was cracked up to be!  These Richards sisters aren't the Manzos so expect lots of fun drama.