Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joe Giudice Takes a Call In Front of Teresa; Calls The Caller Baby


Bravo just released the previews for the upcoming Sunday, August 12 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

While eating a meal with his wife, Joe Giudice takes a call which he pretends is from work. Sidenote: he has a job? After announcing that the call was from work, Joe proceeds to refer to the caller as "baby". What, you don't call your coworkers baby?

Teresa's intuition kicks in and she walks over to Joe. As she's approaching, Joe tells Baby he has to go because his "bitch wife" is coming. And the man is mic'd and on camera, a device which will enable his wife to watch the whole scene over and over.

The couple is still together today, but we'll have to watch what happens in the aftermath of this revelation that Joe seemingly has a "baby". For the past couple seasons, the couple has been riddled with rumors of Joe's infidelity.

Fellow castmate Caroline Manzo predicted the Giudice's divorce and painted a picture that appears it could be coming true. Caroline said Teresa's thirst for a showy lifestyle made Joe resent her and ultimately not care how he treats her. That sounds about right. There has to be some resentment going on if you openly pick up a call from a mistress in front of your wife on national televeision.



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