Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aviva Drescher Says Bravo Doesn't Pay Her


There are thousands of rumors about how much money reality stars make.  The Real Housewives, despite their popularity, is a reality show with one of the lower salaries.  The 'wives don't make nearly as much as stars from shows like theHills and Jersey Shore.

Still, most of the ladies go on the show as a platform to build a brand.  That is more valuable than any one paycheck.

Newest Real Housewife of New York Aviva Drescher recently tweeted a fan, ”We make no money. It is exposure to sell products. I use it to promote my charity and give amputees et al HOPE.“

A just cause indeed, but if I have this all correct, Bravo pays the housewives not one penny to publicly exploit their lives on TV (in some cases ruin it even to the point of divorce and death), create a heavy burden for them to live a luxurious lifestyle and keep up with the joneses in front of the American public, allows the women to build a brand, but takes a portion of all their earnings.

Don't know about you, but the brand building, as good as it is, wouldn't be enough.  Most reality stars get both.  In fact, anyone who has a speaking role on any television show usually gets paid.  Even extras with no speaking parts get paid.

When Aviva was confronted with rumors that other housewives stars like NeNe Leakes are rumored to make $300k a year, she carefully said, “I don’t know what they make. It is said that for the first few years there is very little money earned.“

Here's where Aviva lost us.  First she says she makes "no money", then she says "very little money".  She could mean that it's such a small amount of money that's it's functionally "no money". But money is relative.  She could be make $30k an episode and call that "no money".

So, we'd like some clarification, please!



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