Monday, June 6, 2011

The Manzos Aren't Thick as Thieves Anymore

It looks like Dina Manzo will have to start fighting her own battles against the Danielle Staubs of the world, because she and sister Caroline Manzo do not seem to be on good terms anymore. Rumors of their falling out started when the two weren't photographed together since last September.

Reality Tea also reports that when Teresa Giudice threw a seperate premiere party from the rest of the NJ wives, Dina was there with her, and not at the general premiere party with Caroline. Then, Dina hosted an event for her Lady Bug charity at the Brownstone and took pictures with Teresa, while Caroline, who attended with her daughter Lauren, was not in one photo with her sister.

Teresa also hinted at a possible rift between the Manzo sisters on her blog recently, where she wrote, “There are many parts of our lives that you don’t see. This episode you didn’t see my girls at all! You don’t see a lot of other people that are in all of our lives. You dont see Caroline’s other brothers and sisters and their family dynamic, for better or worse…" Further, an insider also told Reality Crackhouse Blog that “They don’t speak, they haven’t for a while.”

But as of now, Caroline is denying the story. She recently tweeted a photo of her with Dina at the Lady Bug charity event, and wrote, ”I hate viscous people. Sorry to disappoint.” Still it is interesting that the sisters do not follow each other on Twitter any longer.

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