Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alexis Couture "Is So Successful"

Alexis Bellino sat down to talk with What's Up OC about The Real Housewives of Orange County following the reunion shows last week.

When asked whether she would return for the seventh season, Alexis said, "My dress line is so successful, that I am wondering how I can not do a seventh season." This success, despite the fact that the business shares a name with a popular stripper, Alexis Couture.

When not talking about how great her dress line is, Alexis dished on her failed relationship with Peggy.  The interviewer asked about rumors that Peggy said she would not return if Alexis was on the show last season.  We can't believe Peggy would make that demand.  First of all, she's a rookie.  Rookie's rarely have that sort of clout, and Peggy's not a dumb girl.  Plus, her fight with Alexis isn't that bad.  It's no Teresa-Danielle.  But for the record, Alexis said she would never make that sort of demands.

So, about her successful dress line.  Alexis denied rumors that her dress line was made in Guatemala.  The reason?  She has no time to travel there because she has children.

For more from Alexis, check out the clip above.



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