Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mauricio Is Connected To The Hiltons In More Ways Than One

Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richard's husband on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is not only a part of Rick Hilton's family, but he also works for him.

Mauricio is an associate at Hilton & Hyland, a very high-end real estate firm founded by Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland. Here is a section of his bio from the Hilton and Hyland website:
Mauricio Umansky and the Mauricio Umansky Estates team are responsible for representing Buyers and Sellers internationally with some of the most important world-class architectural estates. Mauricio prides himself for his ability to consummate and facilitate transactions, with both extraordinary customer service and by counting on his 11 years of experience and acumen for 'thinking outside the box'. "What excites me are the unique characteristics that each transaction has and the challenges that it brings."
Mauricio joined Hilton & Hyland in 1988, and quickly became their top sales representative. This probably allowed him to start his own divison called The Umansky Group with his father Eduardo Umansky, also an associate at Hilton & Hyland.

Interestingly enough, two other Bravo stars also work at Hilton & Hyland, so the firm also stays in the TV family. Josh Altman, from Million Dollar Listing and Chad Rogers, who used to be a part of the show. Mauricio even made an appearance on one of the episodes last season when he co-listed a house with Josh.  Click here to read Josh Altman's bio.

Maybe Mauricio met Kyle after he started working for Rick Hilton? Or did he get his job at least in part because of Kyle? Or the Senior Umansky?  So many unanswered questions...

One thing that has become more clear is why Mauricio was so devastated when he thought he was losing Camille and Kelsey Grammer's business.  If he walked into Hilton & Hyland with one less A List client, they would probably look at him crazy.



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