Friday, April 29, 2011

Explosive Allegations About Lauri Waring's Husband

George Peterson, who was frequently seen on earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County when he married previous cast member Lauri Waring, has been called out by his ex-wife, Gina Peterson.

The video above is the first one in a series that Gina posted to Youtube, giving her side of the story, accusing George of taking their four children away from her, taking her home and money, and abusing the children verbally and physically. She titled the series Parental Alienation and calls herself "The Real Ex-Housewife of Orange County."

To add some more craziness to this story, Gina is claiming that one of their daughters, Bria Peterson, has left home and is now missing, because of her father's constant abuse. In an article in the OC Weekly, it says that Gina's Facebook status currently asks "Where is Bria?" According to Gina, the fourteen-year old has been missing for two and a half months, and on January 7th, she went to the Newport Beach Police Department to tell investigators about the abuse. She was then sent to the Orangewood Children's Foundation, a shelter in Santa Ana. George later spoke to the investigators and told them that Bria invented the whole story and that she needed therapy. He convinced them to release her from the shelter and back into his custody. That same night, Bria disappeared.

George and Gina have a very tumultous history with each other. After their divorce in 2004, George was granted full custody of their four children, McKenzie, Slayte, Danyka, and Bria. Gina says "It became a war from the gate, he wanted full custody of kids that he didn't want, kids that he tore down every day. It was about not wanting to pay child support. They had dollar signs over their heads." Then, in 2008, George filed a restraining order against Gina, saying that she threatened to kill him and that she has a violent history with the children.

Gina has even gone as far as posting an e-mail on Facebook that she received from Bria on December 17th. In the e-mail, Bria allegedly describes her father's physical and verbal abuse in great detail. Gina also posted this picture from Bria's Facebook page that shows a bruise she supposedly received from George.

But Ashley Zarlin, Lauri's oldest daughter, has taken George's side and posted these tweets regarding Gina's allegations:

It is hard to say what is really happening here because Gina's story is still somewhat unclear. Also, George could not be immediately reached to give his comment on this story.  Whatever the case, it's sad.



  1. Anyone who goes on a social network website and brags about being drunk, the size of her breasts, and other personal body parts, is deemed to be credible over something as serious as this? Could a a new mercedes, rent free living at George's house, endless free vacations after having a history of being lazy with a love to party have an agenda - $$omenting to protect? I suggest people consider the source and the motive.

    Quotes from Ashley Zarlin Twitter.

    Ashley Zarlin

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  2. Gina Peterson's quoted UPDATE: April 29, 2011

    "George Peterson has been frantically trying to SHUT DOWN all of my sites to further SILENCE THE TRUTH. I can only speculate that he and Lauri had her daughter, Ashley and friends hit "Abuse" on my FB to shut it down. Then he shut down the Flicker Acct. Both of these sites had a plethora of information straight from the children regarding his verbal, mental and physical abuse. He then somehow had my Personal Yahoo email acct shut down worried about all of the children's emails that I would post. Isn't this quite TELLING? Now I ask, Who do you think is telling the TRUTH and who is still doing his best to HIDE IT? Just yesterday I was approached by the DA of OC because George had gone into his office trying to get this YouTube shut down and have me arrested claiming I was "violating" his bogus/fraudulent Restraining Order under section C: harassing and disturbing the peace. It was agreed that I was doing neither of these and that I am absolutely allowed my First Amendment Right, Freedom of Speech. This is something that I was denied in court as our Civil Rights and Due Process were violated. I NEVER had my day in court. I am only here as my last attempt at saving my daughter and hopefully the others before more damage is done. I am a Mother who's Civil Rights and Du Process was violated. Mine and the children's voices were silenced. Some naysayers say I am a crazy woman who won't "move on". . I say, "I pray you and your children NEVER have to walk 2 steps in our shoes. What Mother would not do ALL SHE CAN to save her children? The venue of the INjustice system victimized the victims further by allowing my ex to "buy" his way to WIN at all costs, even if that included the Children's emotional well-being." THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORT ME with such encouraging words and prayers; it gives me the strength to carry on."

    George & Lauri Peterson tried to get Gina arrested for violating a Restraining Order - disturbing the peace and harassment. DA found it NOT credible. THINK PEOPLE! Want to compare RESTRAINING ORDERS, it's public record. See the RO Lauri Waring filed against her X husband at the same time George filed the bogus RO on Gina - they are almost verbatim!! Think there might be a pattern here?

  3. This story is convoluted. Want the truth? Then do some exploring.

    The Orange County Superior Court website has a public information CASE ACCESS. Look up George and Gina Peterson's case, go date of hearings, March 4th 2008 - see "Motion to withdraw" that is the day Gina’s attorney (bailed) on her because he was not getting paid, (5 days before the trial) George's attorney's motion was granted. Then look at the lawyers listed, Alan Yockelson, substitution March 10th, 2008, the day the custody trial started. Gina’s attorney was ALLOWED to WITHDRAW (FIVE DAYS BEFORE A TRIAL THAT WAS 2 YEARS in the making)!!! and the NEW attorney was REFUSED a CONTINUANCE - the new attorney didn't even have THE FILES!!! How do you think the trial went? You guessed it folks, she lost to George’s glorious band of 3-4 lawyers, prepared and ready to go, NO DEFENSE was even mounted for Gina. that is the TRUTH people, don’t think it can happen to you? Think again, yes, parents can lose custody of their children, not because they are unfit, but because of a lopsided playing field. Custody for Sale, highest bidder….still cheaper than paying child support, just ask George.

    Bria will be found!! May God help other families that are going through this same thing. It's the kids that suffer.

  4. I personally called George three times leaving him messages telling him that I, and the children's grandfather were traveling to California to see the children's 89 y/o great-grandmother who was placed in a nursing home and very ill. Grandma had been asking since 2008 to see the children, but her request was never honored. Grandma played a big role in the children's lives prior to George being awarded custody. I also informed George that my former husband and I wanted to visit with the children, pick them up to take them to see their great-grandmother, but he never returned any of my calls.

    My third attempt to reach him was placed to his Centra Realty office in Irvine where his secretary, after inquiring who was calling, asked if I would like to speak with him; I assumed by her asking if I wanted to speak to him that George was, indeed, in the office. I waited approx 70 seconds but was routed to his message center. That final message was never returned.

    Our beautiful matriarch died Feb 11, 2011 never having visited with her great grandchildren. Grandma had not seen Bria in over 3 years. Neither have I - Bria’s grandmother, or their grandfather. None of the Peterson children attended Grandma's funeral that consisted of hundreds of friends and family. George does not only keep the children from their mother, but from our entire side of the family - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and there are many of us that miss the children dearly. Our greatest concern now is for Bria.

    The question I would pose to George Peterson is why does he go to such extremes to keep the children from not just my daughter, but from our family? I would really like to know his reasoning.


    The Peterson's children's grandmother
    PS: I don't understand the "Select Profile" feature. I assume this note will identify me as signing, anonymous, but that is not the case.

  5. Bria, 12/17/10
    Mom please HELP me!!!!!!!! I need out i cant take it any longer!!!!
    Now that he has kicked Danyka out of the house he is going in a little pattern he went from abusing adriean to brain washing mackenzie to abusing slayte and danyka and now to me. He already does abuse me. he gives me bruises i have 5 recent bruises from him from last sunday. 3 on one leg and 2 on the other he just came in and i was texting and he wanted to know who i was texting and i didnt tell him so he tackled me and was laying on me so i couldnt move and he was crushing my chest and i was telling him i couldnt breathe and he said"oh well u were born like that" and just started punching me in the legs and giving me "charlie horses" and digging his knuckles into my collar bone saying hes making a wish and i was crying and he still wouldnt stop. and when he would hit me it would leave welts from his rings and bruises. I would send them to u in email but they r on my phone and its too risky to send bc he reads all my texts and stuff on the computer some how.
    . . .
    He is very verbally and physically abusive and just calls me all sorts of names and says such horrible things to me to make me feel horrible. For an example he says the same things to all of us girls he calls us all sluts and whores and how we have so many diseases from guys and he wouldnt be surprised if we r pregnant.
    . . .
    I just want to be happy and live with you. i want to talk to people so i can get out of here. Im really scared to though bc im scared like what if i do talk to people and they let me live with u but i have to come back here for a lil then he will just be mad and probably beat me and just make my life miserable.....even though it already is. Im truly scared of him and after the things he has done to all of us, i do not count him as my dad. He likes to make everyone to believe that he is this great dad and he will beat us and then run to the schools and lie about us his own kids to make us seem like we r the bad kids and he is just discipling us. he tells the school that i date 30 year old men and always teases me about and i dont know why but its the same he did to slayte and danyka. He told people slayte was a horrible kid so he got sent away and danyka was crazy so she went to the mental hospital but really HE is the crazy one! Hes trying to put all of us against each other. Please help me and get me out of here im BEGGING YOU! i need your help. I love you

  6. JOSH WARING'S letter from the OCR....

    "No Mom I will not take back what i said. As for your retaliation, you think i care what you have to say about me. What could you tell people that you hav'nt told already? fact is your out of ammunition but let me give you a hand.. YES I HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM. That seems to be your overexaggerated concern on TV. So i will side with you on that one. The truth is mom you have been temporarily dumping me in institutions since i was 12. YOU CHOSE TO IGNORE THE PROBLEM NOT ME. Now do us both a favor and move on, I love you and always will. As for withdrawling my statements? KISS MY ASS. everything i said was true. You think i want a pergery lawsuit from you and georges glorious ensemble of attorneys? I mean you told the police last week that i was trying to kill you and burn the house down. Oh the things you could do with legitamite slander! Anyways, as you said to me 5 minutes ago i am dead to you and you have no son. If you ever decided to feel otherwise i'll be here. Love Josh PS if you think im doing this to make you look bad, your quite mistaken you do that quite well by yourself. My primary concern was liberation from the lies i told the viewers this season regarding my previous "incarceration". So heres me mom withdrawling my statements. i was not violating was not a mutual decision for me to go to "boarding school" you wrote a letter to the courts saying you didnt want me anymore. therefore you could date your prince charming. there you are have at him. PSS i have a court copy of your letter....want me to post it on the bravo boards?"

    JOSH WARING - Feb. 03, 2007

  7. Slayte Peterson's letter posted on TMZ 5-21-09 under Lauri Waring was asking more child support from X husband. Here you have 3 letters from three of the Peterson/Waring family. 2007, 2009, to Bria's letter 12/2010. Tell me these children are not being used and manipulated.

    #79. "THIS IS SLAYTE!!! Not an imposter, the Real deal! I am George's EX son. Lauri is nothing but a golddigging bimbo and none of our family members like her or want her around. She does nothing in our home but check herself out on the internet and is so full of herself. Both her and George think they are Real Celebrities! They are a joke! She is the evil step mother from hell and nobody can stand her. I ran away from home 6 months ago because of the abuse George has done to me and my SISTERS! Before that he had me sent away because I didn’t want to be beat by him anymore and wanted to stay with my mom. Guess what George and Lauri, I am 18 years old now and you can't keep me from being heard now. You made sure that our lives were miserable these last few years while you pretended to be the great people that you aren’t, boy do I have a story to tell!!!! I want the World to know the REAL TRUTH about your fake Brady Bunch and the way you cuss at us all and the monsters that you are. I am Free now, but my sisters aren't!! They don't deserve to live like this until they are 18!! Why don't you tell the truth about what you did to us and my mom! You had everything George and you lost it all because you are an evil control freak who beats his kids till we do exactly what he wants us to do. Stay Tuned.
    Posted at 9:53PM on May 23rd 2009 by SL8"

  8. I think that you are very bitter gina and that your continual postings and rantings are doing more harm than good as far as getting to see your children.... from the multiple websites where you spew your family business, expose you kids and bitterly talk about what your ex and new wife are doing is all over the internet.. they may have wronged you, but there is not one post from george or lauri slandering you (njot talking about from kids that have suffered drug abuse or the petersons kids that are stuck between a war).. they need help too... but show me one online slanderous vendetta online (not court papers) i mean online where they involve the kids or slander you!!! Since you take to you tube and multiple sites to badmouth them, show me one site where they do that to you!
    heres just a few of yours gina,beem upto it for years!

    not to mention your youtube....

  9. Nothing of which Gina is claiming is slanderous at all. She is merely stating facts while speaking the truth. All of which George and Lauri has stated is absolute slander and defamation of character. Gina has endured years of this type of abuse each time she was forced into court to defend George’s perjured lies.
    Lauri has been using Bravo's site as a platform since the end of 2006 to Slander Gina at whim. She used KOCE Real Orange to slander Gina and claim lies that Gina was trying to kill her instead of speaking about her son, Josh, which was the topic of discussion in 2007. Josh has also written a letter in which he claims Lauri called police to say her own son had threatened to kill her. (Why do they always say people are trying to kill them?) George sent TMZ his fraudulent RO that he acquired in court; which was completely slanderous. These are just a couple of examples that immediately come to mind.
    Why is everyone missing the point? The child was abused, the children have been abused and now this child, like the others in the past, is sent far away. Not to protect them from the mother, but to silence their mouths about the abuse they receive from their father. While keeping her from being where she wants to be; with her mother. George can’t stand that the children wanted to be with their mother. He was jealous of their close bond, but he did not seek that same bond for himself while still together. He can’t even stand the word, “mom” coming from their mouths. In fact, when he first met Lauri, George and his son were driving and George asked why he had liked a particular friend of his. The son’s answer was, “Why do you like Lauri?” George immediately screamed, “Because she is your F*ing MOTHER!” as he karate chopped the son in the throat! My oh my, so many abuse stories that will keep coming out.
    George created this war; Gina never wanted a part of it. She begged for peace, friendship, fairness; all for the sake of the children's emotional well being.
    George wanted to take all 100% instead of being legally fair. He used the children in the process. What would you do if your business partner stole your half of the business? And in doing so had to point the finger at you while crying foul? He told Gina, “Why don’t you just disappear? Because if you don’t I have ways of making you disappear!” All of this because Gina wasn’t going to be abused any longer and had asked for her freedom, but was idealistic in thinking that they could be “friends” in divorce when he was never her friend during marriage.

  10. These are children who did not want to be with him and he is aware of it as he saw their letters to judge/attorneys. He has heard their voicemails and knows their hearts and where they felt loved; with their Mom. His intention from the gate was to divide and conquer. On his days with the children he wasn’t even with them. He left them alone, but kept them from her. He would not allow them telephone communication to these young little children who needed their Mama. And when she got them secret cell phones so they could call her, he found out and confiscated them the moment he picked them up from her home. They each carried a dollar sign over their heads in child support. Therefore he needed to force them away from the woman he now hates because she took the power away from him by asking for divorce. These children have had to live in a war zone that he created for YEARS. This didn’t just happen yesterday. It has been years in the making. If you read all the allegations she had to defend in court it would make your head spin; unless of course, this is just George trying to SPIN some more of his lies. You have no idea of which you speak of. You don’t know the pain they have suffered or the horrendous legal battle he created with destruction in mind.
    What would YOU do as a Mother? Wouldn't you go to all lengths to reveal what has happened to your children especially when the venue that was put in place to protect the innocent failed you miserably? What if each child came to you within weeks of one another with pleas begging you to help them? And what happens to these children who have endured this war for years now having to finally submit entirely to him knowing that they can't win? Always knowing that they will suffer further either physically, emotionally and financially when they try to reveal their true suffering. Much like Khadafi; as long as you are quiet you will have somewhere to live. Go against him and its curtains for you.
    When McKenzie was being brainwashed by lies she had gone against mom. She received rewards for that behavior i.e.; brand new BMW, credit card, shopping sprees, carte blanche. The minute she began a relationship with mom again and realized there were lies in dad's stories, those luxuries disappeared. While she was out one day with friends he went into her BMW and garbage bagged all her belongings. When she returned home and asked where her car was the garbage bags were thrust at her and through clenched teeth he said, "This is what happens when you don't keep your F*ing mouths closed!" McKenzie has suffered this past year and a half with depression because of him dangling carrots in front of her face, then not paying rent on time or tuition and she couldn't buy groceries. Since she came back to his court she is rewarded once again; new Mercedes, rent paid on time and money into her acct. He has done all he can to sever any relationship between McKenzie and her mother. Who does this? Why would a parent want a child to hate the other parent? Gina is always defending herself to her children as they call her up screaming at her for whatever George is telling them at the moment. Not once have they ever just called up questioning, is this true or is that true. He manipulates so much that whatever he says is believed.

  11. Currently, George had to turn things around fast! One child’s school had called Social Services on him for abandonment and abuse against one child. Another child was speaking to investigators regarding her abuse and a third child had been living hand to mouth, sofa to sofa because of his abuse while another one was dealing with great depression, losing weight, hair falling out because of his neglect and verbal abuse. Suddenly, he realized he needed to start throwing dollar signs their way again to “reel them in”. After going through hard financial times of course the child is going to either be tight lipped or speak out on his behalf knowing they will be rewarded with not having to have such financial difficulties. It lessens the burden and depression.
    Had it been fair to begin with and George was able to Co-Parent as Gina has begged for years for him to do, then children would have felt secure with both sets of parents as they could receive Love, Attention and Financial Stability from each side while neither side bad mouthed the other. This is NOT something George wanted. He didn't want to give up a penny. Pennies that he would not have ever had had Gina not suggested their business plan to begin with and supported while creating their business. If you had listened to the videos you would have heard that he had nothing when they met. They built what he has 100% of now, TOGETHER. He wanted to take All. Kids have been suffering for years and for years she has begged George to STOP. It only continues to get worse.
    You are very quick to judge, perhaps even just another George and Lauri plant to get "their slander" out here (another way they slander by using aliases and children to do their dirty work). But the question remains: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR CHILDREN WERE TELLING YOU THEY WERE BEING ABUSED BY THEIR FATHER AND WHEN YOU GO TO THE “AUTHORITIES” THE SYSTEM ONCE AGAIN FAILS YOU AND ATTACKS YOU BECAUSE OF THE LIES HE LAYED OUT IN COURT? Did you miss the Flicker and FB accounts George frantically got shut down? Both had tons of incriminating evidence against him and Lauri regarding the abuse they each inflict upon the children. Have you not listened to the YouTube videos or listened to what the experts speaks about while explaining Parental Alienation? And while Lauri keeps telling everyone her YouTube videos are only there because she is seeking celebrity status is just another insecurity that Lauri reveals about herself. Gina could have had that years ago if it is what she truly wanted. She never sought that. (She was asked out to dinner by entire cast and asked to be on the show and gracefully declined in Nov. 2006. This was done behind George and Lauri’s backs while they were out of town, bet this is the first time they heard this!)
    This is about her ABUSED and MISSING CHILD PERIOD.

  12. Maybe before people jump to conclusions they should understand it is very convoluted and George used the legal system to do some pretty unthinkable things to a woman who once loved and trusted him emphatically. She asked for the divorce. She is not bitter and Lauri is not the “other woman”. She wanted out, but wanted to make it easy for all. She should have NEVER lost custody as she has never done anything to lose custody of her children. She had NO Trial in a 10 day trial, meaning that she could not defend herself against his lies with a new attorney who knew NOTHING of the case and did not have one file from previous attorney as Judge Nancy Pollard FORCED them to go through trial. George got everything by DEFAULT. The only thing they could claim was she wasn’t returning children back to him on time as the CHILDREN REFUSED to go back into his abusive home. The “system” FAILED CHILDREN WHO WERE SCREAMING THEY WERE BEING ABUSED. They did not allow their letters to be admitted in court or to speak to the children in person. In the meantime, George has absolutely caused great irreparable emotional wounds for the innocent children. And he paid a great deal of money for this destruction. She is still trying to seek help for the children’s sake.
    WHERE IS BRIA? All he has to do is tell the MOTHER where her Daughter is and STOP THE PARENTAL ALIENATION…. WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A CRUEL FORM OF CHILD ABUSE and truly, ONLY the children are the TRUE VICTIMS in this abuse.


    Keep talking smack, Ashley, George, and Lauri!


    NH Supreme Court on Parental Alienation
    Posted on April 5, 2011 by Dr. Richard A. Warshak

    "In a stunning ruling, of interest to all those concerned with parental alienation, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire overturned a lower court’s award of custody to a mother who was found to be alienating her children from their father.
    After effectively interfering with the father-child relationship, the trial court awarded custody to the mother primarily because the children had spent the majority of their lives with her and that is where they feel most comfortable. This is typical in cases where one parent has effectively interfered in the children’s relationship with the other parent. The absence of contact establishes a status quo that the court then feels bound to honor in order to spare the children a drastic change in their lives.

    The NH Supreme Court, in its March 31, 2011 opinion, recognized that the father was denied contact with his children for more than two years as a result of unfounded allegations of abuse, and that awarding custody to the mother because of the lack of father-child contacts, raises a concern that the mother is rewarded for violating court orders.

    The court quoted the Vermont Supreme Court:

    Although obviously well intended, the court’s decision effectively condoned a parent’s willful alienation of a child from the other parent. Its ruling sends the unacceptable message that others might, with impunity, engage in similar misconduct. Left undisturbed, the court’s decision would nullify the principle that the best interests of the child are furthered through a healthy and loving relationship with both parents."

    This reasoning gives voice to the biggest complaint I hear from parents regarding their custody litigation: repeated violations of orders go unpunished, with some parents making a mockery of the court’s authority."

  14. Blah Blah blah...............

  15. George is a manipulating con man. Their children attended a well known private elementary for many years and she was hands on the entire time they were at this school. George never came to school functions and once he did for the Christmas program and I remember vividly that he looked bored. He left early, which is an awkward thing to do in front of so many people. He is of Norwegian heritage and his cool calm mannerisms in public are a far cry from the terror he was known to be privately. Gina was/is a beautiful woman but more importantly a very hands on mother to her children. It's a shame that she lost custody. George has powerful friends and it's insane that he has managed to accomplish what he has in their divorce.

  16. Gina Im sorry you went through this... You seem to be a respectful person.

  17. It's very simple. All McKenzie or any of the children have to do is pick up the phone, dial 911 and tell the police their Father is physically and mentally abusing them. Also call Dyfes. (spelling?). The kids will be taken away immediately from their abuser and sent to their Mother. My ex husband did the same thing to me but I fought for 18 months and got them all back (three little girls). I went up to that court house over and over and over and filed an order to show cause and I went before the judge so many times he finally listened to me. Talking about the abuse on the internet is not doing anything. Go file motions in court. It's not that hard. If you want them back bad enough you can get them.

  18. I am a real housewives fan & used to like Lauri but have changed my mind! I believe George is a monster & I have read & done my research. If none of these things are true how come we don't see them on RHOC anymore? My guess is they were afraid their secrets & his abusive ways would be exposed for the world to see! Good for this mother for doing all & anything she can to get justice for her & her children! I hope the kids & the mother stay strong & the kids all have a great adult life! George & Lauri what a shame. I am a real person. Emily Spalding from Indiana!

  19. Boy oh boy that was a lot to digest. Anyway, I think that my main question would be. If they children do not like being with their Father than why don't they do soemthing about it? They are older now and they have a voice. As an insider looking in I feel like this hole is so deep. I do feel bad for the great-grandmother passing without being able to see her great grand children. That seem a little mean to me.

  20. Hmmmmmm..............From where I'm sitting, Gina just comes across as a vengeful, bitter ex who cannot move on. George & Lauri have maintained their dignified silence and have done the right thing. The Supreme Court ruled that Gina had invented all that abuse stuff and that's good enough for me. Gina--buy some wood, build a bridge and GET OVER IT!

  21. To Anonymous poster dated 6-24-2012

    "George and Lauri have maintained their dignified silence" you say? Obviously you have not kept up with George, Lauri, and even Ashley's slanderous tweets! Dignity, Integrity, Character? They have no clue what those qualities are.

    You suggest that Gina "GET OVER IT?" How about the Peterson's GETTING OVER their has-been stint on the Housewives after being gone almost 5 years instead of using it as a platform for attention?