Friday, January 28, 2011

Cynthia and Peter's Famous Exes


Cynthia loves calling herself the runaway bride, so we thought we'd see just who she was running away from.  After learning who she was dealing with, we realize we would've ran too.  It's very likely that Cynthia didn't just run because she's some commitment phobe, she had reason to run.

Case in point- Former NBA player Jayson Williams who proposed to Cynthia during a public halftime announcement on TV.  See the couple above back in 1996.   Cynthia's new husband, Peter, says, "she took the ring and gave it back."  Last year, Jayson Williams was sentenced to five years in prison for fatally shooting a hired limo driver in 2002, after an eight year delay.  Perhaps Cynthia saw signs then.

Cynthia also dated Russell Simmons who only dates models, but will probably date any model. A good catch, sure, but he loves the ladies.  He also proposed to Cynthia at some point in this story.  So it looks like Cynthia could have been Kimora Lee Simmons and had her own show.  So after dating two famous men, what drew Cynthia to Peter?

We know he's struggling now, but at one point Peter owned eight nightclubs in South Beach.  It probably didn't hurt that Peter is not intimidated by Cynthia and her past relationships, which also include actor Leon Robinson.  In fact Peter and Russell even hang out.
"I was with Russell Simmons last week and he was like, 'I hate that beard, cut it off' and I was like, 'dude, my wife loves it.' Some people tell me I look 35 when I cut my beard. They say Black don't crack."  
Peter does look much older than 50 with the beard.  But Peter says he's dated famous, and rich, as well.
"I respect women who are like Cynthia because I'm not one of those guys who think men are superior to women. I used to date Nia Long and she was making like $800,000 a movie, and I was cool with it."
Some think Peter is too cool with it.  Consequently, Peter recently went on the offensive to make sure people know Cynthia was not the main investor in his club, Uptown, saying her contribution was only $10,000.
"As much as I appreciate what she’s done, it probably came across to everybody that she put up all this money to help me build my restaurant. No. Initially, she put up $10,000. Uptown [Restaurant and Lounge] cost several hundred thousand dollars—$10,000 couldn’t buy the silverware and the plates at Uptown. So it’s not like she’s supported my vision and gave me money to build a restaurant ’cuz that’s not what happened. And I want to clear that up. I didn’t agree with her putting that out there to the public. But she’s on a reality show and she’s a new jack to it, so she might feel as if that’s what she needed to do. I didn’t agree to that. But I didn’t oppose either, especially if she’s telling the truth. She has the right to say it. But I don’t want the viewers to leave with the impression, “Oh, sh-t. He got with this model girl and she’s putting up all this money to support his sh-t.” That’s not the way it is. If that’s the last thing I do before I die, I’ll make sure that she gets her money back."
Here's to hoping Cynthia and Peter live happily ever after.



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