Friday, November 5, 2010

Taylor Throws a 4th Birthday Party for Herself

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 1: Episode 4: "It's My Party and I'll Spend If I Want To"

Taylor Armstrong threw herself her four year old daughter, Kennedy, a birthday party complete with the above decor.  She also gave her and all her friends diamond necklaces worth thousands of dollars.  She rented out a space worth about $10,000 and spent about $6,000 on food.  When all was said and done, Taylor Russell shelled out $60,000 for the event Kennedy will barely remember.

Taylor's daughter, Kennedy, hated the party.  At first we were with her until she just got too spoiled bratty.  Luckily for Tay Tay, Kennedy became happier when Taylor left her alone to play wizard and ferries with her friends.

Taylor didn't really care.  She posed for a glamour photo shoot at her four year olds party, proving the event was as much for her as it was for her daughter who would've been happy if Taylor spent $600 instead of $60,000.  Yes, she spent $60,000. 

Adrienne chose to go to Taylor's daughters party.  Although she posed for photos with Taylor, she as everyone else was, was weirded out by the party.  Adrienne seemingly has more money than Taylor, but agreed with Lisa that they wouldn't throw such an excessive party for toddlers.

Taylor's wallet husband, Russell, was fed up with Taylor's exuberance.  Despite writing the check for the event, he displayed his frustration by getting Kennedy a dog against Taylor's wishes.  Does anyone else think their relationship is almost as weird as cute little Kennedy's party was?

Meanwhile, Kyle had a birthday party for her two year old daughter on the same day.  This party was more appropriate with kid friendly things like Elmo and animals, even though they were in a petting zoo. Kyle still had enough elements at the party to make people know they were in Bev Hills.  And best of all, her daughter didn't hate it!

Kim didn't love it so much after Kyle got on her back about arriving late because Kyle needed Kim's help setting up.  Kim said she didn't know why Kyle was overreacting, knowing if the shoe was on the other foot, sensitive Kim would be having a conniption fit if Kyle wasn't "there for her".

No word on why the Donald Trump "You're Fired" hand is in the shot.

Lisa stopped by Taylor's party briefly, but said she felt like she "was going home" when she was arriving at Kyle's.  It's clear Kyle and Lisa have a girlmance.  Kim tried to tell Lisa her side of the story...

Camille didn't attend any parties because she was on vacation in Hawaii bragging about all her homes and how poor wittle Camilly has to take care of them all.



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