Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alexis Dishes Her Workout Plan & Her Husband Having All Her Passwords

Although people may have their misgivings about Alexis Bellino, no one can deny that she's in shape. Exercise is obviously a big part of her life. She's either went to the gym or discussed going in nearly every episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that she's appeared in this season.

The only disturbing part is how she's constantly claiming that her exercise is for her husband so he doesn't have to see her grow to be a "frumpy" wife. We only hope Alexis hits the gym for herself too! On her blog, Alexis seems to say she's doing it for herself. "I don't feel it is a woman's responsibility to stay in shape or look their best, it's simply a personal choice. I just feel it's important to do for yourself." Either way, Alexis is working out, and here's how she gets abs of steal.

Currently I do Pure Barre one/two days a week, run 5 miles three/four days a week, YAS (yoga and spin) one day a week, and lift weights one day. I change it up often though, and anytime new workouts come out, I am the FIRST to try it.

Alexis also says she works out as a stress reliever. The most interesting part of Alexis' blog, was her explanation about other aspects of her life. She maintains that she and her husband's rule to never be apart is best, and lists a couple others:

1. We don't vacation alone, excluding quick 2 day business or family trips where circumstances do not allow the other to come.

2. We have all passwords to emails, Facebook and cell phones.

3. There are no double standards in our marriage. What applies to one, applies to the other. It would much easier to allow your significant other to do what they want when they want, so in turn YOU can then do what you want when you want, but Jim and I feel we'd rather have no double standards. It's definitely harder, but it's our way.

While we've almost gotten used to their vacationing rule, the idea that they have all of each other's passwords sticks out. It's as if they can no longer be separate people with separate identities but have literally morphed into one. Is that too far or is that a good thing?



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