Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NY Renewed for Season 3, Ladies holding out for more money

Although Bravo has renewed The Real Housewives of New York City, ironically, only the least needed/wanted housewife, Kelly Bensimon has returned.

On the reunion show, all the ladies made it quite clear that the newest housewife Kelly was dispensable in their minds because the show wasn't broke, so there was no need to try to "fix" or change it.

Nonetheless, Kelly signed up continuing on her quest to show the world she's the same so different than the other housewives.

As for the other housewives, they want more money.

"The Housewives all want six-figure deals,” says our source. “They barely made 10 grand for the first season, and now are all a bit too big for their britches. They want the whole shebang: a clothing allowance, money for hair and makeup, a set raise and a promised amount of screen time.”

No word on how much the ladies made the first season, but if it's anywhere near 10K, they should easily get more for a third season. After all, reality TV characters are not cheap these days, Bravo.

Bravo is prepared to replace any of the five housewives who have yet to re-sign. They have quietly been interviewing as many as thirty prospective housewives (single women in their thirties), and have them on the back burner. That will help their negotiating power. It depends if Bravo needs the particular housewife more than the particular housewife needs Bravo. That's a whole other topic and post.

At least Alex McCord seems ready to do another season. “We’re in discussions for next season,” McCord told us. “Let’s put it this way: We’re headed to Australia to promote the show. And we wouldn’t be doing that if we weren’t ready for next season.”



  1. From 10K to 6 figures? That's quite an increase they want, escecially for cameras to just follow them around!