Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kandi Burruss' mom can't stand her Fiance

Kandi Burruss says her mom has a problem with her fiance with 6 kids. Kandi doesn't know if A.J. (Ashley Jewell) was a deadbeat dad to his tribe of six before, but she does know he's good with them now.

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We broke the exclusive right here back in March that her fiance had 6 kids and was well known around the ATL to not handle his daddy business. So we asked Ms. Kandi about it and the rumor that own mother is extra upset about the engagement. And she kept it all the way real with us:

Yes it’s true. My fiancé does have 6 children. And that in itself is a big problem with my mother. I didn’t know going into the relationship knowing exactly how many kids he had. Or his situation with them. So there was some deceit. She’s not happy at all. The fought hard before taping the show and during the show. Then after the show stopped taping she went in even harder. It’s a constant battle.

We also asked Kandi why people are calling her current fiancé a dead beat dad. She tells us:

That I don’t know. Since we’ve been in a relationship, his kids come over A LOT. His twin daughters even live with us now. But before we were together, I can’t say how he was as a dad since I don’t know. But as for now, he’s great with his kids.




  1. Sounds like an unenviable position all-around. But six kids?